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3 votes
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Remove 'characters remaining' limit when editing questions and answers?

I'm not sure if we have control over this setting, but what are your thoughts on removing the 'characters remaining' limit when editing questions and answers? Sometimes when browsing the SE, I see ...
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3 votes
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Make some posts Community Wiki

There are some posts that don't really fit the Q/A format of Stack Exchange and because of this could be considered off-topic. I really don't want them to be closed (like in this recent case), that's ...
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7 votes
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How do we want to handle "plugins" & "plugin-dev" tags?

Right now, "plugin-dev" is the most-utilized tag for Stack Exchange questions. We've agreed that the topic is welcome on Stack Exchange, how to tag specific plugins making them easy to follow, and I ...
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2 votes
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Special treatment for "plugin-dev" tag?

Is it possible to style the "plugin-dev" tag differently to all the other tags, as an indicator to differentiate the question types. I consider plugin development to be an "advanced" topic, with ...
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Current favicon looks like flag of Turkey

I just noticed this in the sidebar: Now compare with Turkey flag: So I was wondering "New site for Turkey, eh?" Can the favicon please be changed? Either plain "C" or other background, not ...
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Is there a way to turn on Twig syntax colors on the Beta site?

I only ask be cause my SE app on my phone colorizes Twig syntax nicely, and I think that it would probably be a good idea to turn it on the main website if possible.
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