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For questions about the syntax highlighting performed inside code blocks on Craft CMS Stack Exchange.

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Should any automatic syntax highlighting be applied to Twig examples?

Since Twig syntax highlighting is a myth, should we have twig tagged posts adhere to some other auto-highlighting syntax? The best options would probably be either html (which could lead to weird ...
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Twig syntax highlighting is a myth*

TL;DR There is no such thing as Twig syntax highlighting on Stack Exchange. If you want to contribute to the development yourself, join the Google Code Prettify project. * Prove me wrong, and I will ...
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Temporary removal of twig syntax highlighting?

Twig syntax highlighting in code blocks is a mess. Many things just don't work (see first bug report and examples below) and make reading code less clear than without highlights. Please remove the ...
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Bug in syntax highlighting

Shog9 enabled syntax highlighting some time ago. Wonderful. But seems like it highlights comments wrongly - as if they start with #: {% if 1==1 %} {# do something #} {% elseif %} {# something ...
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